+++ourprecious.....Aliff Nuqman++++
By: Happy Family

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Tuesday, 27-May-2008 05:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark
After long long time......

lama tak update.. digicam dah bersawang... la ni byk snap gambar pakai hp...then malas plak nak upload kat fs...
Aliff Nuqman dah 2 tahun 6 bulan ++ dah... masuk November ni genap la 3 tahun..
dan... next month dia bakal dpt adik...
Makin dia dah besar ni..makin pandai... ckp pun bukan main lagik...
Kalo ibu marah dia..pandai dia suh salam balik.. "salam..salam balik.. nak sayang"..
bleh tahan gak skill pujuk dia nih...

Friday, 30-Mar-2007 15:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
We're moving to new house....

Sunday, 25-Mar-2007 16:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Weekend with Ourprecious

Can peeping now
Started to climb
Spidey foot eh??
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Case 1 : Illegal Sofa Climber

Gotcha..found him illegally standing on top of sofa looking outside..

Wonder what's he looking at..

Ibu said ...

Uhhh.........(bird.. bird.. bird)

Case 2 : Giant Tantrums
what happen in giant? ---> he throwed his temper tantrum in a public place when his mum do not allow him to walk by himself.. don't want to stay inside the trolly...
Hehehe he might be so frustrated becoz,
1- he saw many balls in Giant but we keep divert his attention from that matters since we don't want to buy ball anymore... enough for all ballsssssss in house already...
2- he tired sitting inside trolly...and would like to walk by himself..

His babah then brings him to electric shop...ahahahahahaha that's a big mistake bcoz in there got balloons hang up in the ceiling and decorated in the floor..
Aliff Nuqman is ball + balloons fanatic... The minute he saw those balloons..>> (overexcited)
He cried with high pitch when his babah tried hard to get him out from the shop.. And as a result...he got 2 free balloons from the shop..and he's soooooooooooo happy

Moral of the story
Bad : We're in action and glamour at that moment bcoz of him
Good : He got free balloons with big smile

Tuesday, 20-Mar-2007 15:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
OurPrecious at 1 year 4 months old

Lantai ni kena kasik sental skit.
Sofa ni pun sama..kena gosok gak
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Wahhh........ very very very long time no update here..
What to do.. new life..new arrangement..
La ni Aliff la the 1st person yg sampai kat nursery...dan dia la yang paling last balik dr nursery.. huhuhuh ciannnnnn ank aku ...isk isk isk again..what to do..
Takpe..ni just for temporary.. bcoz... we'll be moved to nearer + better place...

is now 1 Year 4 Months 2 Weeks Old ..... Makin besar..makin byk la akalnya.. Makin bijak..mudah faham
..mengamuk pun dah pandai..siap guling-guling atas lantai tunjuk perasaan ..
Pandai berlakon...lebih lagik kalo time kena marah "ma.ma..muka sebek berlakon nak menangis..".. Muka muncung..muka bucuk pun dah terer.. ...
But..even sometimes he's full with 'gediksness'..'ngadaness'.... he is the one who bring us happines...

New Status
+Age : 1 Year 4 Months 2 Weeks Old
+Weight : 11kg
+Height : <>85cm
+New achievement to date:
--Can say "babah..mama...".. (ibu dia tak pandai sebut..so si ibu ni kejap bahse diri ibu kejap mama..
--Can climb (time ni la tensen suh dia turun daripada kepala sofa tuh)
--Very friendly (jenis tak takut org luar.. )
--Hyperactive (this we need to admit..he is very hyperactive )
--Can understand (but can't say yet) when we told him about - 'ball' (mana ball, amik ball)..'selimut' (mana selimut aliff)..'tutup' (tutup botol susu)..'susu' (nak susu?)..'abis dah' (dah abis dah makan).. 'makan am am' (jom ibu bagi makan am am) 'sedap'(sedap tak?hehe sure Aliff akan angguk2) 'panas'(jangan sentuh, panas ni) 'kasut'(Pakai kasut,nak gi jalan) 'basuh mulut' (jom basuh mulut lepas makan).. 'mandi' (Jom mandi).. 'simpan' (dah..simpan )

Sunday, 14-Jan-2007 16:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Tahun baru...keje baru.... Ibu Aliff Nuqman soooooooooooooooooooo busy

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